NewWave: New challenges in internal wave dynamics


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The NewWave conference is closed, we thank all the speakers for their contribution, and hope to meet again soon.

Owing to density ­stratification and rotation, the ocean and the atmosphere support internal waves. Either through direct turbulent mixing following wave breaking, or through other non­linear effects, internal gravity waves play a key role in momentum and energy budgets. Yet the scale separation between wave dynamics and the large scale circulations makes their numerical and theoretical study very challenging. Indeed, current resolutions of general circulation models can not resolve internal waves, whose effect must therefore be parameterized.

On the one hand, physical properties of internal wave dynamics are often addressed in idealized numerical or laboratory experiments that isolate the salient features of the dynamics. On the other hand, parameterizations in realistic settings have to address different issues related to the full complexity of the dynamics and of its numerical implementation. Finally, in situ observations offer both new problems for idealized studies and proxies to be compared with numerical models, with the inherent difficulty that such measurements are sparse in time and space.

Our goal in this interdisciplinary workshop is to familiarize physicists and atmosphere/ocean scientists  with ongoing research outside of their field, and possibly fertilize new work between those groups. The half-day sessions will be organized as follows :

  • Internal waves : physical properties (2 sessions)
  • Internal waves in the ocean (2 sessions)
  • Internal waves in the atmosphere (1 session)

This three day workshop will gather around 50 participants. The aim is to have long survey lectures allowing for a thorough discussion and understanding, as well as long breaks and poster sessions for informal scientific discussions.

Invited speakers

U. Achatz, D. BourgaultP.-P. Cortet, T. Dauxois, A. Delache, E. Ghys, N. Grisouard, S. Joubaud, A. Koch-Larrouy, A. Melet, A. Naveira Garabato A. Ponte, R. Plougonven, G. Vallis, J. Vanneste, K. Winters

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There is no fees to attend the meeting, which includes lunches and Thurday's Dinner. However, in order to facilitate organization, registration is mandatory to attend the meeting. Due to space contraints, there can be only a limited number of participants.



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  • Fatiha Bouchneb, Physics laboratory, École normale supérieure de Lyon, France
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